Relinquishing Control

There are few instances in life where I do not take a leading role, particularly with regards to big trips abroad. My friends will attest that I plan meticulously and I like to know the exact ins and outs such as places we are visiting, hotels we are staying in etc. So, when it came to my honeymoon – the most special trip ever – I wasn’t quite sure how to react when Saj said “Trust me. I’ve got this one”. Of course I was touched but I also remember feeling a little bit anxious. I had absolutely no idea where we were going. I was only told when we would be leaving, how long we would be away and what climates to pack for. All I could do was to enjoy the thoughtful gesture and await the exciting surprise.

On the day of our departure, Saj’s dad drove us to the airport. In fact, he accompanied us all the way through the check-in process and waved us off at airport security. Saj took advantage of this situation and managed to check us in into our flight so swiftly, without me even realising the destination. Whilst I was obviously present at the check-in desk, I was too busy in conversation with his dad to even notice. Actually I don’t know if this was intentional on their part or if it just worked out that way? So with Saj guarding the passports and the boarding passes, I still had no idea where we were going. I knew approximately when our flight would depart, so I checked the departures screen. At this stage, I remember feeling slightly worried. I didn’t see any exotic locations that I considered to be honeymoon destinations. But still, I kept faith that I wouldn’t be boarding a budget airline to a European destination.

It was only when we reached the departure gate that I finally got to know of our first destination. Well, sort of. Our first flight was with Qatar airways to Doha, which I rightly assumed would be our layover. So, that meant another gruelling seven hours at least, before I would know the identity of the first destination! It was at the departure gate in Doha that I eventually learned of our first destination. Denpasar, it said on the screen. I didn’t get the overwhelming feeling of excitement and happiness I was expecting when I read that. I remember thinking, where is Denpasar? I’d never heard of it. Saj wasn’t letting on anymore at this stage either and was preventing me from ‘Google-ing’ it for further information. He was prolonging my experience as much as possible.

But whilst Saj popped to the restrooms, I couldn’t help but resort to Google. Obediently, it revealed that Denpasar is the capital of Bali. He came back and saw the goofy smile on my face. He knew I wouldn’t be able to resist Google-ing it. This time I did get that euphoric feeling. I was overjoyed. I couldn’t wait to get there!

A ten hour flight and a two hour transfer later we arrived at our hotel, late in the evening. For the first time ever, I had been sick on a flight, so I wasn’t feeling too dandy by the time we got there. I needed a good night’s sleep before I could absorb my new environment and resume my happy self. I woke the following morning to find myself in the most beautiful and tranquil of settings. Like they say, ‘the boy done good’. Saj planned all aspects of our trip from hotels, to dinner reservations and excursions. All his planning paid off. We had an amazing time, better than I had anticipated! If I wasn’t already, I was definitely smitten with him by now. I also learnt that it’s definitely a good idea to take a back seat sometimes. Below is a photographic journey of our short time in Bali, firstly in Ubud and then in Seminyak. From the photos you can see that this beautiful and vibrant island has much to offer in terms of arts, culture and fresh food! Everything you could really want from a destination. I really enjoyed taking photos here. These are just a few from the hundreds of photos we took. I was definitely sad to leave Bali. But I didn’t sulk for too long. After all, I still had the second destination of the trip to look forward to…

First stop: Viceroy Ubud – Garden Villa 7
Pool view of Valley of the Kings
Bale Udang Mang
Yummy prawn selection
Purple Dragon fruit drink in foreground
Saj 🙂
Ubud Market
Wooden carved masks
Traditional Balinese Masks
Shopping for conical hats
Intricate carved entrance to Balinese ‘Karang’ (private residences)
Cafe Tukies – Favourite Cafe in Ubud
Delicious Coconut Ice Cream
Coconut heaven
Coconut ice cream topped with honeycomb
Rice fields
Local fruit vendor
Trying the infamous Durian fruit
Coffee plantation. First taste of Luwang coffee.
Coffee beans
Cocoa pod
Posing in front of Mount Batur Volcano
Newlyweds 🙂
Monkey Forest
Cheeky little monkeys
Sweet touches 🙂 W Retreat, Seminyak
Ooo clever Saj
Surfs up dudes
Sunny Seminyak
Lush, fragrant Frangipani flower
Starfish Bloo prawns
Vanilla pod mojito
Slow cooked lamb

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